6 Big Myths about Drain Cleaning Services in Leominster , MA.

Sewer and drain cleaning is one of the most important tasks on your home maintenance checklist. Although it is such an important job, there are many misconceptions when it comes to draining cleaning services. These misconceptions and myths have spread amongst the residents of the beautiful city of Leominster, MA as well. Well, it all ends here! In this article, we will be debunking the 6 big myths about drain cleaning services in Leominster, MA. So, let’s begin.

1. You can save money by using consumer drain cleaners

Although it may sound enticing to use a chemical drain cleaner to unclog your drain, in the long run, it is a horrible practice. First of all, these cleaners offer only a temporary solution and do nothing to prevent the problem from happening in the future. Secondly, the harsh chemicals that are present in these cleaners are neither good for your drain pipes nor are they good for the environment. And finally, if you use these cleaners often, the cost can quickly add up. Hence, if you have a chronic drain clogging problem, the store-bought chemical cleaner is not a permanent solution to the professional drain cleaning services.

2. Any plumber will do

Not all drain problems are alike. Although some clogs may arise due to poor maintenance, some of the clogs may have other reasons. For instance, some clogs may result from natural causes such as roots of your yard trees penetrating the pipes. In those cases, a simple drain snake or hydro-jetting is not going to be enough to get the job done. Although some plumbing services can handle problems like these, it is not possible for others to stand up to this challenge. Hence, it is important to choose your drain cleaning services wisely.

3. I can clean the drains myself

It is another common misconception that is far too common than it should be. Sure, there is a lot of information on the internet about the cleaning of drains, but you can’t possibly be as good as a professional. There is a good chance that if you take up the task that is meant to be performed by professionals, you will worsen the situation. The plumbers are professionals who have the expertise, know-how and the experience to get the job done. You can’t replace a plumber by watching a few videos and reading a few blog posts.

4. Cleaning the drains can damage the drain lines

Many people have this terrible misconception that getting their sewer lines cleaned can somehow damage their pipes. It is an utter falsehood, and you should never believe that. The truth of the matter is that if it is done properly, regular drain cleaning can prolong the life of your sewer lines. If you hear about this myth from someone, make sure that you help them get the facts right as well.

5. Drain cleaning will need digging up my yard, and I don’t want that

No one likes to have their yard dug up for drain cleaning. So, many people just assume that if they get their pipes cleaned, it will involve digging up their yard. However, this notion is simply not true. As a matter of fact, there are many techniques at the disposal of a trained and experienced plumber that do not require the digging up of the sewer lines at all. Just consult with your drain cleaning service to discuss the many options that won’t ruin your lawn or landscaping!

6. I need cleaning only if there is a clog

Another very common myth is that if your drains are not clogged, you don’t need them cleaned. The fact of the matter is that once you see problems of clogged drains, the problem has escalated too far. You should pay attention to the early warning signs such as a sluggish disposal of water or a slow sink. Early intervention can help you limit the damage and prevent the problem from getting worse. A regular checkup by professional drain cleaning service can help you save a lot of grief as well as money!

So, the next time someone tells you any of these myths, make sure that you set the record straight! A healthy drainage system plays a vital role in keeping your property safe and protected. Make sure that you use experienced, professional and dedicated drain cleaning services to get the job done.

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