7 Obscure Facts about Tendonitis in Louisiana and How to Treat It

Tendonitis in Louisiana can be caused by a number of reasons, not all of which are sports-related. Excessive use of technology such as computers and exposure to other machinery can increase the risk, but there are other factors to consider. In many cases, the pain becomes unbearable, forcing people to seek medical help.
If you are suffering from this condition now – or just want to know more about it – here are some facts you should know.
1. Symptoms can occur suddenly. The symptoms of wrist tendonitis can be sudden, or they can develop over a period of time. If you start to feel pain in your wrist – or it becomes stiff and burns – you should consult your orthopedic surgeon for early diagnosis of wrist tendonitis.

2. Decrease the amount of time spent using computers and other machines. Using a computer mouse and the constant movements over touchscreens and keyboards could be likely causes of wrist tendonitis in Louisiana. Make sure you use computers and other devices wisely, so you don’t fall victim to this condition.

3. Risk increases with age. It has been scientifically proven that as we age, our bones become weaker, making the chances of developing this condition greater at the later stages of our life.

4. Always choose your expert wisely. Many people often confuse wrist tendonitis with carpal tunnel pain, but these are different issues and it can sometimes be challenging to understand the difference between the two. It should be noted that if the condition persists over a period of time – and it interferes with your day-to-day activities – it’s time to find a qualified expert.

5. Icing vs. heating. Two of the most common treatments for tendonitis in Louisiana are the applications of heat or ice. Though both methods are considered to be effective, applying ice is preferred over applying to heat. Applying ice within the first 3 days is considered to be most effective.

6. Exercises. Besides icing and heating, wrist and hand exercises can be used to treat this condition. If your orthopedic surgeon recommends exercises, you may perform them at the office or at home, but in many cases, external assistance is required to perform the exercises.

7. Herbal treatments. Though there are traditional treatments available through qualified orthopedic surgeons, there are also some herbal treatments available. You may try complementary therapies including homeopathic medicines, which you can easily find in any health store.

Wrist tendonitis in Louisiana can be harmful and can limit your ability to perform day-to-day activities. Therefore, it’s always better to report the symptoms when they first appear and start to manage them right from the beginning. If you are experiencing any symptoms – don’t wait for the pain to become unbearable – call our office today to schedule a consultation so the condition doesn’t worsen.

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