What are the Advantages of Sewer Camera Inspection in Alpharetta?

Issues that are going on in your home, may be signs of problems underground. Many homeowners forget that over time the pipes underground can become blocked, may be in need of repairs, or may need to be replaced altogther. Problems with your toilets backing up or not flushing properly, sinks and tubs not draining as they should, or water possibly backing up into your basements, can all be trying to tell you that there is something wrong underground.

Because the line is located underground, you have no way of seeing where and what the problem is without calling in a trained professional. Without being able to see the issue, some may feel that maybe the problem isn’t as big as it may actually be. This may lead to putting off getting the problem fixed and that in turn, makes the problem become bigger. This means possible damages within and under your home, the condition of the pipe can worsen, and the repairs may cost more. Getting an experienced professional’s help early on, can save you a big headache in the future.

Advancements in the way lines underground are repaired have allowed homeowners to have their issues resolved with minimal destruction to their property. This method is known as trenchless. Trenchless gets its name because there is no need to dig large trenches within the property, in order to make repairs. Traditional methods called for these large trenches to be made because this was the only way to get to the line underground. This meant landscapes were destroyed, the process was long, and it cost the homeowner more money. Trenchless has changed this by not destroying property, the process is much shorter, and the price is less than the traditional way. There are several variations of the trenchless sewer lining method and which one will be done, will depend on what exactly your issue is underground.

Since the line is underground, the professional will use a sewer camera to do the inspection. This will keep your property intact while allowing him or her to see what the problem is and where it is located. Here are some advantages of a sewer line inspection:

No damage to your property

This innovative way of inspecting the broken sewer line allows the camera to be inserted through a drain in your house, rather than just digging for no reason without even knowing where exactly the issue may be. Once the issue is found, the professional is able to go straight to it and only dig where digging is needed.

Knowing what is causing your problems underground

This keeps the professional from blinding digging to try and find the problem. The camera will allow the images it sees to be projeccted onto a monitor for the professional to see. He or she will be able to see if tree roots are in the line, if there is a blockage, if there is corrosion of the pipe, etc. This helps to figure out what type of repair will need to be made before any digging is done.

Knowing where the exact location of the problem is

The camera is equipped to tell the professional where the problem is so that he or she will know exactly where to dig. This saves on time, saves on damage to the property, and saves you money.

Trenchless has been a lifesaver for homeowners. The process is praised over the traditional way and has been commonly used when sewer lines are in need of repair. It is a great way to save money, time, and can ensure that it will be decades before you will need any other repairs done.

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