Forget business class, take a private plane instead

Taking a trip soon? Forget business class! Take a private plane instead. Private planes are the new trend that could be the norm for everyone who wants affordable flights and a luxury ride.
Going to the airport and flying on an airplane can often be a hassle and uncomfortable with long lines, crowded planes and noisy airports. Why not give yourself a luxury and take a private plane ride on your trip? If you hate commercial flights, private flights could be the answer for a more comfortable and easier flight. You might not even have to pay more money for it.
Private planes are usually reserved for celebrities, athletes and people who can afford to pay extra. Chartered private jet flights can cost thousands, up to tens of thousands, of dollars or a one way trip. How can the person on a budget take a cheap inexpensive chartered flight?
Companies like JetSuite and Flite Air Taxi are allowing people to fly on private planes at a cost comparable to commercial flights. For example a $5000 flight can cost $500. JetSuite offers seats and deals from $99. It also lets you book full planes of 4 or up to 30 people. Experts recommend groups of six or seven people to get a food discount on your plane ride. For example, a group of six people from New Jersey to Bahamas could cost about $170 per person. Service vary depending on your flight and location. For example, you can often find good deals f you are traveling by plane just in the state of California.
These services are similar to Über or Lyft and some can even be used with the touch of your smartphone. Another type of method to get deals is through a jet card. Jet cards are a similar service where you buy a jet card or membership and make a deposit that sets the number of hours you fly. Jet cards are offered by companies such as JumpJet or BlackJet, which are run by larger commercial companies such as Delta.
Another way to book private flights is through a broker, but many experts do not recommend this method as they often have hidden fees. Brokers can help you find operators who run private planes. Though you will not get as good of a deal as through the other services, you will be able to find flights and have more flexibility in location and time of your flight.
How can they offer affordable seating? Often small planes and private jets just have to get from one place to another to pick someone up and have empty seats available. Instead of having empty seats, some companies thought charging money could offer them some business strategic planning and give flyers a more affordable price on threat private plane ride.
Another reason is small planes often use less fuel so their costs are less than bigger planes that use more fuel. The expenses for flying a small plane are often less than big commercial planes so they do not have to charge more.
To get these last minute seats, you can use their websites or apps. One disadvantage is there are sometimes hidden fees. Make sure to read the small print and know all the fees involved in your deal. Another is it might be harder to find these deals than booking commercial flights. You usually have to wait last minute to get these private plane deals so they are harder to catch and not good if you have to make your reservation a long time in advance.
However, even with these setbacks, it looks like private plane rides can be a good deal for many people. Private flights could become a norm in the future. They offer an alternative for commercial flights and crowded airports. With new services like JetSuit, it can be easy to get a luxury ride in the sky.

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