Where to Find Wholesale Office Supplies at Discounted Prices?

When you run a large organisation, everyday items such as stationery and consumables can become a large expense and that is why finding wholesale office supplies at discounted prices could result in significant savings that hit the bottom line.

It may seem silly but when you are purchasing pads, pens, pencils, files and folders for hundreds of people, making a saving of a few pence per item could in fact become thousands of pounds per year.

Compare and contrast

The most obvious way to find wholesale prices for your office supplies would be to work out what the total average order you place per month is and compare and contrast against online businesses plan.

Some, such as Office Monster, may even provide you with a simple calculator that will work out the difference for you, showing exactly what savings you could make.

Securing further discounts  

When you choose one dedicated supplier as a preferred partner you can access additional benefits depending on what spend you are able to commit to each month.

When you are accessing the lowest prices that are available online, you can often assume that they are wholesale. This means that the company is selling business to business, rather than business to consumer, which usually includes a larger mark-up.

When you work with wholesalers or suppliers that are able to pass on the savings they receive from their network, you can get wholesale office supplies for discounted prices.

Reaping the benefits  

Free next day delivery, a hassle-free returns policy, discount codes to redeem against future orders and ‘try before you buy’ on new or seasonal items are all becoming increasingly common from companies that trade online.

When you choose to work with a preferred supplier it makes sense to put together a list of benefits that are offered by others so that you can ensure you are getting everything you are entitled to. This way you can guarantee that you are getting the very best deal.

Price and quality

There is one caveat when you are looking for the cheapest prices online and that is to also make sure that you are receiving the best quality. Stacking high and selling cheap may be the philosophy of some online suppliers, but it is important that this doesn’t impact on your business when you find that you are relying on items that are substandard.

Making savings is important but having products that are fit for purpose is just as important when you use these items every day.

Review, renew, repeat

The online office supplies market is very competitive which can work to your advantage. If you find that products are of sub-standard, then use another supplier, but make sure your previous contact is aware of this. It may be that they can offer you better products for the same price in order to keep your business.  

As with any supplier that you choose to work with, and in particular those that become preferred providers, review their performance at regular intervals. This will give you the knowledge that you have the necessary governance in place to manage your supplier network, but will also keep those that have held your contract the chance to add value at regular intervals, which can only be a good thing.

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