No Dig Plumbing Repairs That Can Save Your Property

Technological improvements have made sewage work much easier than it was in the past. Whereas previously, the drains would need to be entirely dug up to identify and solve a problem, nowadays, there are a variety of no dig solutions that save time and money. It is your goal to put your property under as little strain as possible – if digging is needed, it may involve upending your entire garden, leaving you plenty to do to get your home back to how it was. Here are a few no dig plumbing repairs methods.

Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining Instead of installing new pipes, it’s possible to just reline the old ones. This process is cheap, quick and a long-term solution for pipes which have been significantly damaged by cracking. Pipes are relined with resin – which is both strong and waterproof – to prevent leakage. When relining, the pipe will be fully cleaned and unclogged before a packer is fully inserted into the pipe and inflated. Once the resin hardens against the pipe, the packer is removed leaving a pipe coating which works as good as new. This no-dig solution is the best way to effectively get a brand new pipe without going through all the hard work.

Pipe relining can be done on both a large and small scale. In some cases, the entire pipe may need to be relined, but in others, only certain sections might require it. Hence, sectional relining is also a possibility.

Resin Injections

Resin injections are similar to pipe relining, but are used to solve smaller problems. The material used is the same as for full relining, but is simply injected into the cracks that have appeared to shore up the pipes and stop them from leaking. Cracks can occur for a variety of reasons: old pipe materials such as clay break down over time, earth movement can put stress on the pipes while tree roots can grow into the pipes. A video inspection will be carried out first to locate where the cracks are, ensuring that the injections can be made without the need for digging.

Resin injections are not long-term fixes, but a cheap alternative for those whose sewage systems just need patching up, rather than total repair.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is an effective trenchless sewer and drain pipe replacement which is becoming more widely used. This effective technique involves breaking up an old pipe which is no longer working, while replacing it with a new one at the same time. When bursting the old pipe, the power that is generated by doing this slightly increases the size of the cavity, meaning a new pipe can be quickly forced through and into place. Pipe bursting is a painless form of repair as it requires no digging, and can be done in a very short space of time.

In addition, it’s not only repairing a pipe, but installing a new one altogether, which should minimise the chances of further pipe damage in the future. This makes pipe bursting an ideal alternative for those who want to replace old pipes which are made out of weaker materials such as cast iron or clay.

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