Top 5 Reasons to Use Plastic Trays for Shipping and Handling Your Products


The most precarious part of a business can be the time between the shipping and handling between manufacturing and delivery. Products can be damaged in transit. Disorganization and inefficient practices in product assembly and handling can eat into profit margins. Here are the top five reasons why you should be using plastic trays for your product’s shipping and handling needs.


Protective Handling

Plastic trays are lightweight, easy to manage, and protect products in transit. Their forms are not conductive in hot or cold weather temperature extremes. Plastic trays keep your products from being damaged or deformed during shipping transit.

Baked goods, produce, fragile products, equipment, and items are shipped intact daily due to plastic trays. Thermoformed plastic trays can be custom designed with part isolating, protective cavities to accommodate expensive, fragile, or sensitive products.

Cost Effectiveness

Most businesses regularly analyze their shipping and handling procedures. This is done to better optimize their operational processes and brainstorm future cost-saving measures. The added weight of lightweight plastic trays is a very affordable expense on an industrial shipping scale.

Imagine the shipping costs of transporting your products relative to the added weight of metal trays. Less weight equals less shipping costs. Custom made thermoform trays with specialized cavities can ship multiple parts of the same product, cutting down on the need for extra packaging materials.

Efficient Aesthetic Display

Plastic trays can be utilized as customized, product shipping vessels and for aesthetic purposes of consumer presentation. Protected by transparent covers or plastic wrapping, plastic trays can be custom designed with aesthetic enhancing dimples, blisters, or cavity craters.

Frozen meals, chocolate treats, delicatessen platters, and more can be presented in their own signature plastic trays. They are easier for shipping, handling, storing, serving and display purposes. Products displayed in their own plastic trays can amplify brand recognition easier as well.

Assembly Line Handling Optimization

Plastic trays can be utilized for various and customizable purposes in on-site manufacturing facilities. Tools, equipment, and parts can be easily shuttled from one assembly area to the next in plastic trays.  Pick and place and dunnage plastic trays optimize assembly, handling, and shipping processes. They also keep all required tools, parts, and components organized and within a workers’ reach to cut down on assembly time.

Damage Resistant

You can use plastic trays for your all of your business’s shipping and handling needs for a long time. They are extremely damage resistant and can take the bumps and impact absorption shocks that come with shipping and handling. Plastic trays are perpetually reusable. They can be cheaply replaced or recycled in any rare instances of damage or overuse.

Adapt Your Business Needs For Plastic Tray Use

Thermoformed plastic trays can be found almost everywhere. Retail establishments, restaurants, medical facilities, and all kinds of businesses use millions of plastic trays for service efficiency every year. They are an integral part of service infrastructure. Your product can only benefit from using plastic trays for its shipping and handling needs.

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