5 Effective Ways to Choose a Pipeline Inspection Service Provider in Alberta

When you need NDT pipeline inspection services, how do you know the best service provider to choose? You should look for several elements; here are the top 5.

1. Experience

Eliminate anyone from your list who doesn’t have experience in your industry or with your project type. And look for a company with decades of experience in a variety of inspection service situations. An array of clients shows they are adaptable and respected by others.

See who an inspection service provider has worked with or is currently working with to understand how trustworthy they are. You want a provider who is reliable, trusted, and on time.

Finally, you need an inspection service provider who has the experience to fulfill integrity and shutdown management requirements. Find one who can support a variety of pipeline, midstream, and down-stream operating entities.

2. Technology

You want an NDT pipeline inspection service provider ahead of the curve with technology. Evaluate companies not only innovative technology but also on new techniques and processes to stay abreast of best practices.

The standard operating procedure should include continually updating the company’s methods of providing services. And an innovative company will have a proprietary, real-time report generation system to provide you instantly with the exact information you need on your inspection services.

A variety of other technology and methods should include radiography inspection, the advanced Total Focus Method, ultrasonic and advanced surface inspection, and even film digitization for your quality program.

3. 24/7 Service

Look for an NDT pipeline inspection service provider offering 24/7 mobile radiography and call out NDT services. A service provider with over 100 inspection crews in 60+ locations across Western Canada means you’ll always have a team close by when you need it.

In addition to on-site service, an NDT inspection service provider should offer convenient and speedy X-ray RT bunker and in-house inspection services. You need a thorough inspection before your in-field installation.

4. Quality and Safety

Ask any NDT pipeline inspection service provider what quality and safety certifications they have and the associations they belong to. This will give you a good idea of how important quality and safety is not only for their team but for your business and assets as well.

All technicians should adhere to both quality and safety requirements. You want people highly trained in quality, health, and safety performance measures on your job. Ensure the provider you pick offers controlled and repeatable NDT procedures to meet or exceed your inspection and code requirements.

5. Asset Integrity Services

If you have rapidly aging infrastructure and you’re challenged with lower margins, you need a pipeline inspection service provider with a stringent asset integrity program. The provider you choose should sustainably manage and maintain your company’s assets.

Your company’s assets must be safe, reliable, and operating efficiently so you can safeguard not only your company but your employees as well. A good provider will help you maximize your equipment’s reliability and availability while minimizing maintenance costs.

Final Thoughts

The provider you choose may be the only line of defense you have, so the above 5 elements are crucial. Look for certified and highly trained staff dedicated to quality assurance and safety. You also need a provider with deep experience with a variety of technologies and methods who offers a wide range of convenient services available when and where you need them.