About Us

Delivery of information online has increasingly become too formal, often sending out news updates coated with corporation propaganda and other impurities. Ts2 is taking back the information sharing industry back to when paper boys shouted news early in the morning for all to ‘read all about it!

Having realised the glitch above, our sworn mission is to make a spectacle with news and information that hits the spot through updates easy to swallow for all who read from us.

Serving the latest and most interesting pieces of information to our readers on an hourly basis is the routine that has formed our ‘work’, and through which we also discover newsworthy content on their behalf.

Unlike other social media sourced platforms, we use the latest fact finding technology, (most of them custom made for our exceptional use), to confirm and get authority to publish the news that goes on to educate the rest of the world.

Through maintaining an unmistakable respect for the information spreading game, we have earned well deserved places in the lives of close to a million monthly readers, and the loyalty numbers keep adding up.

Located in a campus where readers turned writers share ideas openly with each other and everyone else in the organization, there is never discourse in the way we publish the news, nor in the frequency of updates. Quality is as big a theme in the pursuit for news as much as the number of times we would love to be talked about on a daily basis.

The information show we put on is one that turns readers from their lives into one where for as long as they are reading, they are in a feeding mode and experiencing that on a platform best created for such experience from the ground up.

Looking into the future, we are confident in our capacity to look at all happenings in the world, and filter out those sure to turn into long interesting stories with followers piling to read. This is possible through the vision that we have nurtured not just through announcing to teams, but by practising everyday and in every chosen story to follow.

Our teams are as diverse as they can come, color, age and sex are never considered when looking for talent, neither do we group team members based on any of these variables. It sure makes for some of the most informative, long staying and interesting reads on a regular basis.