English Language Schools Are Gaining Popularity in Saudi Arabia

It is no new information that the world is increasingly become a global village. Such talk has been on for years now. What could be somewhat newsworthy is the difference that this development is making to scores of issues. Take the rising popularity of English language schools in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia. An Arab nation which is pretty rigid in its value system and way of life. But, even here, one can find the ramifications of increasing globalization. This country, which was governed with very strict laws, too is opening up to the influence of western cultures and concepts. A land where even to this day expat children are not allowed entry into state run schools, is also learning to imbibe the nuances of English language. That is what we see is happening these days.

Most national schools of Saudi Arabia teach in the local language. However, there are plenty of private international schools and these are find acceptance with the native Saudis, too. Just a few years earlier, all local people much preferred a national school for their children. With an increasing number of expat population which is steadily on the rise here, this trend is slowly, but surely changing.

Even the Saudi children are becoming exposed to the manner of working and living in the west. And, they are increasingly becoming influenced by it. This feeling of trying to absorb in and soak in a culture so very different and diverse from their own, is actually finding feet in Saudi Arabia. And such thought processes are bearing fruit in ways like English and English schools becoming more and more popular here.

Now, there are many Arab children who wish to study in international private schools. It is not as though they have digressed from their own religion or culture. But, this movement of gravitating towards multiculturalism reflects an increased acceptance of a different manner of life. Earlier on, the stoic Arab society only could accept their own language and people who spoke in it. Now, there is a visible change on this radar. Arab children are increasingly enrolling into English medium and international schools. There is a manner of acceptance of something which was originally alien to them.

And why not? When they see children of other nations speak English fluently and benefit from the experience, they too want to beget such profitability. After all, English is a language which is accepted the world over in a maximum number of countries. Hence, those who are conversant in this language find it much simple to gell well within a diverse crowd. And this helps them gain a footing in places other than their own.

Even the conservative Saudi Arabian society is not blind to the acceptability which one gets by knowing English. And they are no fools who will turn away an opportunity to be one with those from other cultures if it helps them in their business and in life in general. Thus, one finds big time embracing of English language educational institutions in this rather traditional Arab country.

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