Treating Asthma with Non-Prescription Medications

To date, there is no cure for asthma. This chronic respiratory disease is growing among children and young adults. However, homeopathic remedies for asthma and strategies for managing asthma have shown promise in fighting this debilitating condition.

Why Not Medication?

Medication available provides reasonable control of asthma symptoms.

However, finding the right medication to treat asthma is a careful and ongoing balancing act. Getting it wrong can cause serious health risks. Asthma affects 5% of the world population. The rate is at least 10% in USA.

Because many people living with asthma are young, their needs as they grow are continually changing. Getting just the right medications depends on several factors including age, asthma symptoms, asthma triggers and trial-and-error discovering what works best for each individual to keep the asthma condition under control.

Moreover, traditional asthma medications almost always come with some severe side effects. Some asthma sufferers and their parents are concerned about taking these drugs and the side effects that can occur. Given the strength of asthma medications, many have opted to explore homeopathic options. Why not give homeopathic remedies for asthma in Farmington Hills, MI consideration?

Why Consider Homeopathic Remedies for Asthma?

Homeopathic treatments look first at asthma triggers. These vary from person to person and may change over time. Homeopathic therapies also look at specific symptoms including chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezy. The symptoms almost always increase with increased movement, humidity, stress, and other illness.

Triggers may include house dust, dogs’, cats’, or horses’ hair, grasses and pollens, plants like goldenrod and ragweed, and other allergens.

What Homeopathic Treatment is Available?

Asthma can be homeopathically treated at various levels. In each case, the remedy best matches the person’s symptoms as well as his physical and emotional state.

Preventive, long-term homeopathic remedies may reduce the inflammation in airways that trigger symptoms. Quick-relief inhalers can quickly open swelled airways which limit breathing.

In many cases, homeopathic treatments are being used effectively in combination with traditional medication to decrease the need and frequency of the medication. The goal of homeopathic treatment is to keep asthma sufferers as free of symptoms as possible.

Homeopathy also strives to allow asthma patients to go about their normal activities, using rescue medication as little as possible. With the help of homeopathic treatments, asthma sufferers can often become free of both daytime and nighttime symptoms and carry on school, play, or work without undue absenteeism.

Asthma is difficult to prevent. However, with the help of homeopathic treatment, much can be achieved in reducing and even eliminate asthma symptoms.

If you are struggling with asthma, contact your homeopath to discuss alternative homeopathic treatments?

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